LUX Smart Environments

LUX Smart Environments

Comprehensive, integrated solutions

With LUX Smart Environments, home automation becomes an easy and secure investment. Intelligent, adaptive and easy-to-use interfaces can be tailored to your needs and preferences, consequently your selection of a smart environment can be set up without having to perform numerous functions and delivered at the touch of a fingertip. 

LUX Smart Environments is based on the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). We create smart living spaces which operate via internet connections (IP-Technology) rather than outdated home-control systems. 

The versatility of the technology is limitless: you decide how your devices work together.

Goal-based Interactions

My environment predicts what I want...

Here at LUX Smart Environments, we integrate all the smart devices in your home to communicate perfectly with each other. Based on sensor and actuator technology we provide you with adaptive living spaces that behave according to your needs – based primarily on your goals rather than their individual function. 

Examples of smart interactions:

  • If you can’t see clearly the screen of your Smart TV because of sunlight and you can’t hear because of high outside noise – your smart environment will opt to automatically close the blinds and windows rather that use the “brighter and louder” function of the TV;
  • If your smart refrigerator detects that you are running low on milk or eggs, it will automatically add these items to your shopping list; 
  • Smart thermostats can be set to optimize the space temperatures according to your level of comfort and to your and your family personal routines; 

Let your creativity run wild when choosing the LUX Smart Environments that suit you. 

Long-term Happiness

Technical developments have a profound effect on the way we build and think. An intelligent environment comes with self-learning skills and has the role to effectively insert smart planning and coherence into the interactive space.

Once connected, your network of physical devices gather and share electronic information in order to bring viable improvements, such as enabling monitoring and controlling applications for homeowners comfort and efficient home management.

Goal-based interactions enhance the quality of life by assisting your needs and desires through a cutting-edge technology that perfectly integrates into your lifestyle.

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