LUX Operations


Plans might change, but never the goal!

Our goal is to deliver to  property owners and investors a final product that is exactly what they wished for. We are by our customers’ side every step of the way, from a mere idea to the handing over of the the keys to the property.

At LUX Operations, our creative experts strive to design a modern and attractive building, regardless of the business intent: rent or sale. Design ideas are evaluated according to feasibility, costs and the importance of the investment application such as residential or commercial use of the property. 

We handle both residential and commercial buildings and expand only on the specific legal and financial requirements that apply to each individual property owner or investor. 

Building for residential purposes: Homes and private properties for permanent owners or tenants. 

Building for commercial purposes: Holiday rentals, long-term rentals, or the marketing and sale process of the properties. 

What we do

Together with our skilled professionals, we identify the best business opportunities and undertake project planning, implementation and subsequent operation for our property owners and investors. 

LUX Operations

We follow simple strategies based on very functional sets of services in order to help our investors and homeowners.

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